CA Sketches

California Period, contemporary fine art, painting

Acrylic on Canvas, study of three figures.  I’m working on a 6′ x 8′ canvas of this concept, this is a small black and white study of the relationship of the figures compositionally.


2 thoughts on “CA Sketches

  1. Are your paintings for sale? I am very interested in the Running man series. I was a collegiate runner and a former high school distance coach.

    1. Jan, sorry it took so long to get back to you. I still have several of the running man paintings, which are available. I also do commission work if you have something specific in mind, i.e., color, size, etc. I became interested in the topic when my son was running track and I stumbled across similar motifs in ancient Greek pottery, which inspired me to research the Muybridge photos and other resources. I’m still aesthetically inspired by the kinetic energy of the human body in motion. If you’re still interested in collecting a piece of my artwork, please let me know, otherwise, thanks for checking out it out! -Glenn

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